How is Snowfoot different from “traditional snowshoes”?

Simply, Snowfoot is a snowshoe designed for alpine terrain. All other snowshoes on the market are snowshoes designed for flat terrain. Because of this fundamental difference, Snowfoot has many unique characteristics and performance attributes.


Do I need to learn a specific walking technique?

Walking with Snowfoot is as simple as walking normally. Enjoy full-ergonomic movements from the first step thanks to the compact dimensions and low-bulk around the foot.


Are there different models?

Currently all models are identical in their parts and construction. All parts are offered in different colors and can be personalised upon request.

Tecnical detail

Does the binding use a “free-heel”?

No, the boot remains fixed in place. This encourages a “hiking-style” stride and guarantees precise footwork with maximum terrain contact.


Are the crampons removable?

No, the crampons are integrated into the deck.


KISS: keep it simple, stupid!

We get a lot of comments about the apparent simplicity of the different elements of Snowfoot. The famous design idiom guides our engineering: simple and essential, Snowfoot is designed to be minimal and field operable in a worst-case scenario.


Foot size range

Snowfoot accomodates adult hiking boot sizes from EU 36-48, US men’s 4.5-14.


Ski and Snowboard boots

Yes, the bindings are optimised for use with ski and snowboard boots.


Footwear Recommendations

The universal binding CAN accomadate just about every kind of shoe or boot.  But that doesn’t mean it SHOULD. We highly reccomend insulated, winter boots, specifically made for mountain/alpine trekking.

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